A Passion for Colour

The Colour Project is the hairdressing industry’s first colour specific annual programme that allows access to the artistry of some of the finest colourists without the restraints of being allied to any one product manufacturer. Top flight colourists give an up-close and   personal seminar which is then followed with hands-on master class that will give you tips and advice to take your colouring skills to a new level.

The Colour Project is an action-packed course with uniquely tailored   educational events and also incorporates a photo-shoot that uses your   newly acquired skills, coupled with your passion for colour. Course leader Katie Mulcahy, will guide you through this once-in-a-lifetime experience that will expand your in-salon skills and improve your   colouring repertoire. This course has really got the whole industry talking.


Brooke presenting her Model for Colour Project at Salon international 2016

Brooke has now completed her whole year of colour project with the fellowship.

She had her final show in Soho, London last weekend where she created her final look that was linked to the Colour Project’s Paragon Collection that they released a few months ago. Brooke has accomplished many things throughout this year including a front cover of the fellowship magazine and many different mentions and images in many different magazines. She is also very excited to say that she is in the final 3 of the colour project team and the winner will be announced in December at the Dorchester in London.


Brooke’s Image has made the front cover of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Magazine, Stunning Work, Well Deserved!!